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On Feburary 26th, Google announced that starting April 21, they will rank your website higher if it is mobile friendly. Google said this New Mobile Ranking Update will have a “significant impact” on search results worldwide. So this means if your website is not mobile friendly (there is a lot that goes into this) you will lose rankings, traffic and revenue from the Google organic traffic channel.

It is VERY important that you ensure that your website is “mobile friendly” in Google’s eyes before that date, this gives you less that 3 weeks to update your site.

Confirm that YOUR site meets their requirements
You can use Google’s own tool to see if your website is mobile friendly 

This way you can decide if you need to contact your web developer  to help you minimise the possibility of your site losing its position within the Google search engine index.

To further promote the user experience via mobile device, Google announced the unveiling of Mobile Usability reports to provide webmasters with a detailed error analysis to encourage mobile-friendly websites. The detailed reports can now be found in Google’s Webmaster Tools to allow webmasters to make necessary changes to a website in order to boost website navigation from mobile devices.

As the mobile experience may aid ranking signal, improving the use of mobile web needs to be a major focus. This new information allows a webmaster to increase the mobile function of a website to help maintain mobile viewers

Let GOOGLE check your site for errors
You can also use Google’s Insights tool to check the speed your page loads at and other errors that Google sees.

Need some help ?
I hope this helped you stay informed on what is happening in the SEO space, as always, I’m happy to discuss any concerns you may have, so you can contact me via email or by Phone: (613) 8678 0657 or 512 864 2773

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Feel free to pass this message on to your friends and colleagues that could be impacted by the pending Google changes.

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